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Enter a universe of adventure and humor in the science fiction and fantasy novels of Mike Conley.

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About Mike Conley

Mike Conley is an author known for his engaging and humorous science fiction and fantasy novels. Sometime also dabbling in a post zombie apocalypse story or two.

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Why would you, the reader, find me (Mike Conley) interesting? I’d like to say I’m a charming master of all things. But that’s just what I would like to say. The truth is somewhere south of that. I live and breath all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy. My day job is one that is immersed in software engineering leadership and technology that helps fuel a love for all types of technical things. I also have a passion for epic stories, often creating universes in my head and letting them run amuck. And yes, that costs me a lot of sleep. The idea of sharing my stories is so appealing, I started writing in my later in my life at age 49.

And thus, I’m an indie author of Sci-Fi and Fantasy who currently is working on or has existing work in Space Opera, Space Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Lit-RPG, and Post Zombie Apocalypse speculative fiction. I also have a strong sense of what is right and wrong and this is obvious in much of my writing.

Much like Artis, the main character of The After, I love to BBQ. Recipes mentioned in The After come from my personal collection. Perhaps, if there is demand, I will write Recipes of the Afterverse Cookbook someday.