Afterverse Glossary

Important Starships

Destiny's Crow

Role in Story: It is the teams ship • Owner: Artis

Ship system AIs: (AKA the AI9) Mavis – AI Manager (kind female voice) Baltic – Life support and ship systems AI (deep and semi cold sounding voice but is also chipper) Argus – Scanning system AI (voice was very similar to Derick’s. Like they could be brothers) Ganesha – Navigation system AI (rich female voice with a bit of an accent) Iris – Communications and Cryptography AI (smooth and almost seductive) Vishnu – Shield system AI (voice that was neither male nor female, but felt protective) Thunder – Weapon system AI (sounds like a male talking like a female) Hephaestus – Fabrication and Reclamation AI (sounded like a robot trying to sound like a male human) Talos – External Ship and systems control AI (very daring sounding male voice)

Unique Features: Super advanced. Appears Negu made but more advanced than what the Negu currently make. It is mystery

Description: The Destiny’s Crow has 4 decks. First Deck: Cargo and Storage. Cargo hold is 50’ wide 150’ long and 25’ high. It has a loading ramp in the back, lots of lockers, and storage mounts along the sides and along the floor. Near the front, there are a few secure rooms, complete with bathrooms. These could be used for rough travel rooms or even nice cells. Just outside of that is the cigar lounge that Sexy designed. Second Deck: The second deck is where all the mechanical stuff is located. This includes engines, life support, Weapons, etc. Many systems had redundancies. And there were lots of thick bulkheads separating the stuff. This level also housed a secondary bridge in the very middle of the deck.

Third deck: Is the main deck. In the front, it has the main bridge. On the port side of the bridge, there is a hallway that leads towards the crew quarters. There are crew quarters on both sides of the hall. 7 rooms total. At the very stern is the galley. The galley branches off to not only the port hallway but also a starboard hallway. There are bulkhead doors to each hallway. Along this starboard side, there are 4 guest quarters, a med lab, and a large lounge. If desired, the crew rooms could be isolated from the guest rooms.

Fourth deck: Is an intimate observation lounge with retractable ship panels that can retract to provide a stunning 140-degree view of space.

Defense: Shields with cold redundant backup.

Weapons: Plasma lasers, missiles, mines and mini drones.

Notes: Plasma lasers, missiles, mines and mini drones.

Fancy Lass

Role in Story: Repair ship • Owner: Pirate Jack

Unique Features: It has ample room for fabrication facilities and for dozens of automated repair ships to dock

Description: It is a ship that is designed from the ground up to be for space-bound recovery and repair of other ships. It has dozens of automated repair ships that can dock with the ship and fly autonomously. A repair AI controls them.

Defense: Thick hull and automated repair ships can be used for defense or offense.

Weapons: Thick hull and automated repair ships can be used for defense or offense.


Role in Story: Shuttle • Owner: Artis

Ship system AIs: Simple navigation AI, but also controllable by Talos

Description: 10 person shuttle with a good size cargo bay (for a shuttle)

Defense: Shields

Weapons: Plasma lasers

Notes: This shuttle was made by the Negu for Artis.

Reclaimer Ships

Role in Story: Reclaiming material • Owner: Artis

Ship system AIs: Simple navigation AI, but also controllable by Talos

Unique features: Adaptable mount that can be used to alter the ships primary function.

Description: Two six person Negu built customized ships that have adaptable mounts on the front. Typically used for reclaiming and breaking down raw materials from asteroids or ship wreckage.

Defense: Shields

Notes: The Negu Made these ships for Artis.