Afterverse Glossary


Deep Space 7

Where is the station (System and relative location): Atella System

Description: This type of station, remote location outside of a system proper, gets nicknamed a “smugglers” station. But nothing more illicit happens here more than anywhere else.

Notes: This is the station Val and Derick were based out of when they hauled goods and where they bought their first ship together. They met Zoe there when they saved her from some muscle bound thug working for The Faithful.

Information Station

Where is the station (System and relative location): Atella System, in an orbit between the last two planets.

Who owns station: Information Collective

Unique Features: It sports eight massive curved spires from eight different points on the station. These spires hint at the capability to generate a shield to encompass the station. Or maybe a world killing weapon. Or maybe they are just decorative.

Description: 20 levels tall. Level 5 is the docking bay. Level 1 – 4 and 18-20 are reserved for station functions. Levels 6-17 are for living and commerce.

It contains the: Earth Library, After Library, and Space Library

Notes: The station is as beautiful as it is massive and appears to be the size of a massive city, but with many city-height levels. It is super stylized and purposely high-tech looking. Beyond the levels there are the eight massive curved spires. The exact number of people it can hold is unfathomable, and it makes the Destiny’s Crow seem tiny.

Oberon Station

Where is the station (System and relative location): In orbit around Negulus

Who owns station: The Negu

Unique Features: This station’s primary function is ship design and maintenance

Description: This station has an area that is used for the presidential fleet. They consider it the more secure station for ship production and maintenance.

Notes: Baccu is the station manager

Where is the station (System and relative location): Sigma Talto, between the outermost planet and the asteroid belt

Who owns station: Independently owned

Unique Features: It has a large medical lab with several research areas.

Description: Independently owned but frequented by the Faithful

Notes: It’s rumored bad things happen here.