Afterverse Glossary


Conventional propulsion

Conventional propulsion is for within system travel, and it uses gravity field modulation and the gravity of planets or other large system objects to move the ship at sub-light speeds. In the gravity well of a system, there is a great deal of maneuverability with conventional propulsion.

Jump Drive
Landing Zone

The jump drive does some techno-wizardry to fold space and shorten the distance from point A to point B. That does not mean zero travel time. But it means reduced travel time. For example, system to system may be a few hours instead of months. The exact speed depends on the ship. Not all ships have a jump drive. Smaller ships used within a system likely will not have them. Even system to system transport may not have them.

Landing Zones are the general name for the most common locations where individuals appear in The After. Every habitable planet has one or more Landing Zones.