Beta & ARC Readers

Beta and ARC readers wanted

I'm in the search for Beta and ARC readers. To make sure we are all talking about the same thing, here are some basic definitions.

Beta reader

A beta reader is a test reader of an unreleased work writing (similar to beta testing in software), who gives feedback from the point of view of an average reader to the author.

A beta reader provides advice and comments in the opinions of an average reader.

This feedback is used by the writer to fix remaining issues with plot, pacing, and consistency. The beta reader also serves as a sounding board to see if the book has had the intended intellectual and/or emotional impact on the target market.

Beta reading occurs before professional line editing. Beta readers' feedback has a chance to alter the book prior to releasing.

Very, very few people use the term alpha reader. This is more often referred to as a Critic Partner. These individuals do not play the same roles as Beta readers. I feel I need to state this because of some recent posts frequenting some writing sites and social media. I am not looking for a Critic Partner at this time.

ARC (Advance Reader Copy) readers

An ARC reader gets a copy of an unpublished book offered to them in exchange for an honest review. Thus, an ARC reader is the person who reads the book pre-publication and posts a review before or immediately after the publication date.

ARC readers get the book as it will be published. Generally, ARC readers do not give feedback that will change the book. Their role is to review as a reader.